Ceylon Cinnamon 150g

GHS 26.00

Ceylon cinnamon goes best with sweet dishes. It has a soft, mild taste and a wonderful aroma. At the end of the preparation, sprinkle this cinnamon on biscuits and apple pie. Also use Ceylon cinnamon with sweet side dishes and desserts such as fruit compotes, pudding, apple sauce, pastries or rice pudding.

Ceylon Cinnamon opposed to other types has a delicate taste and offers a number of health benefits:Contains cancer-fighting enzymes, Helps manage blood pressure, and Aids in Alzheimer’s prevention.

In addition to sweet dishes, Ceylon cinnamon is also very tasty with rice with chicken, such as Indian chicken tandoori, with meat dishes and in Greek Moussaka. In general, the real Ceylon cinnamon is widely used in Chinese cuisine.


Ingredients: 100% pure ground Ceylon cinnamon from Indonesia

Store in a cool, dry place